Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Causes and Symptoms

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a disorder that is quite complicated. The disorder is characterized by extreme fatigue with no underlying reason as to why the issue began. The feeling of fatigue can worsen over time when physical or mental activity is increased. Rest does not improve symptoms for the individual. Patients may not even know they have CFS for an extended period of time, as they may think they are just tired from work or everyday stress.


Doctors are unsure as to what actually causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For many, the symptoms of CFS will begin after being sick with a viral illness. For others, a physical trauma or emotional trauma leads to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There is no single cause found to contribute to this disorder. Because there is no sure-fire reason as to why someone would suffer from CFS, many patients are not diagnosed until much later on.


It is not uncommon for symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to come on suddenly. While the sudden onset of CFS is common, the disorder can also develop over time, sometimes coming on slowly for weeks or months before full fatigue sets in. Symptoms can change daily or stop then start again. CFS has a broad range of symptoms. Because of this, doctors have created a core set to look for when diagnosing CFS.

Such Symptoms Can Include:

  • extreme physical or mental fatigue; sometimes both. Such fatigue is not relieved with reset. Can interfere with work or social activity.

  • After being active, you feel unwell. Perhaps weak or sick.

  • Problems with sleep

  • Pain in one place or one area; this can include muscle pain, headache or joint pain.

Two or More Symptoms Can Determine a CFS Diagnosis:

  • Concentration problems, having trouble with short-term memory

  • Sensitive emotionally, to light or noise

  • Slow in thinking, disoriented feeling or confusion

  • Weakness in muscles or coordination

These are just a few of the symptoms that physicians will look for in trying to determine if you have Chronic Fatigue Symptoms. It is important to be evaluated so that you can begin a treatment regimen in order to combat CFS correctly. There are many treatment options that can be used for CFS including Neural Therapy, medication, changes in activity, etc. It is important that you try a number of options to see what works best in helping you to alleviate CFS symptoms and live a happier lifestyle, without constant fatigue.

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