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We’ve combined our expertise, experience, and state-of-the-art technology to design three circuits – focusing on your body, mind, and performance – to streamline your optimal health performance.


Cerebral Circuit

Recharge your brain to improve your memory and optimize your cognitive function.

Do you feel like your brain is in tip-top shape? With each year that passes you may notice that your brain isn’t working quite as sharp or as quickly as it used to. Unfortunately, this is a common symptom of the aging process. As we get older the brain could use some extra help tackling the effects of aging.

We have the technology and science to drastically slow down the aging process and combat stress so you can stay mentally sharp.

Reasons for Cognitive Decline

Sub optimal nutrition

Exposure to toxins

Physical stress

Emotional stress

Poor sleep quality

Low physical activity


Weakening nerve cell connections

Process and benefits

Our approach to rejuvenating the brain combines a relaxing experience where you will flow through specialized red light, brain entrainment, and pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy followed by an IV infusion of NAD.


Oxygen Therapy

The Valkion or singlet oxygen therapy system recreates the oxygen production process that occurs in nature through photosensensitization. Oxygen therapy allows you to breathe air that is up to 99 percent pure oxygen. Valkion converts air from the room you are in into singlet oxygen, detoxifying and rejuvenating the body.


Increases mitochondrial energy production

Enhances neuronal regeneration

Reduces inflammation


Audio-Visual Entrainment

Next, we want you to experience elevated mood, restored physical and mental balance, alleviation of worry, and additional improvements in memory and concentration. The DAVID Delight Pro device, designed to use Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), a completely non-invasive technique that can guide the brain to function in enhanced states.


Elevates mood

Improvements in memory and concentration


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
Therapy (PEMF)

As we age, the body simply does not possess enough resources to manage tissue repair as it once did, leading to increased levels of inflammation. We use Infrared technology to create cellular energy and elicit glymphatic systems to process waste. A charged battery with ‘clean energy’ always works better than one that is drained!


Stimulates cell repair

Improves blood circulation

Reduces pain, swelling and inflammation

Strengthens immune system


BioNAD Infusion

Lastly, we reboot your cells with a healthy dose of NAD so your mitochondria can produce energy efficiently. Not only does a steady supply of NAD boost mental clarity by firing up those mitochondria, but it also reduces the overall effects of cellular aging while simultaneously improving the overall energy supply within each and every one of the body’s systems.


Boosts mental clarity

Increases energy levels

Reduces the effects of aging

Slowing the process of aging

Helps the recovery process post-concussion

The four stages of the Cerebral Circuit are performed over two to three hour time periods for weeks to months to get desired effects. The results of continual and regular therapy can be amazing and life-changing for the participant.

Get started with the Cerebral Circuit now.

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