When Anxiety Stops Your Life: What Should You Do?

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Anxiety is a common condition that many people deal with daily. While some suffer from anxiety in the workplace, others feel anxious all the time, having a difficult time even leaving the home. When your anxiety reaches a point where your life has essentially stopped, it’s time to seek a treatment option that works. But do you do? How can you seek treatment when you have difficulty even leaving your home?

Treatment Options

If you have been diagnosed with a form of anxiety, then you have most likely been provided with some form of treatment. The most common form of treatment used for anxiety is medication. Patients are often prescribed antidepressants such as Lexapro or Prozac in order to be able to function. With the help of medication, individuals who suffer from anxiety can go to work and socialize with others without feeling unease or anxious.

Additional treatment options include counseling, a common option used to address the emotional response to anxiety. With counseling, the patient is able to learn how to understand and deal with anxiety in other ways. One example of this is with cognitive behavioral therapy. With this therapy type, the patient is taught how to recognize and change thought patterns that trigger the anxiety or panic feelings.

Alternative Treatment Options

On top of the standard treatments for anxiety, there are also alternative methods that can be used for treatment. Microcurrents is a technique that can be used to treat anxiety and involves pulsating currents of electricity. Electrical exchanges are used on a cellular level to help restore the normal frequency of the body, helping to alleviate issues in the brain that can result in anxious or panic feelings.

Another option is known as ClearMind. This treatment type involves Neurofeedback. A computer is used to monitor brain waves of the patient and the information found is used to create normal brainwave patterns. The goal of this treatment is to look at how the brain operates when the patient is anxious and panicky and then reset the brain waves to avoid these feelings.

These are just a few treatment types that can be used interchangeably in order to work on anxiety. If traditional treatments are not working for you, try alternative methods. Never feel that you do not have an option. While one treatment works for one individual, you may require several treatment methods such as a combination of medication, counseling, and Neurotherapy in order to be able to successfully combat anxiety.

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