Am I Suffering From Insomnia?

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Are you having trouble sleeping at night, either falling asleep or staying asleep? While many issues can cause sleep problems, insomnia can be a concern. You may begin wondering if you suffer from insomnia if you are having trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep once you have drifted off into dreamland. There are several symptoms associated with insomnia that help to determine a diagnosis such as anxiety and irritability. Learn more about insomnia below including causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Insomnia is a condition where individuals suffer from a lack of sleep in quantity or in quality. There are three types of insomnia; transient, acute and chronic. With transient, individuals will have symptoms that last up to three nights. With acute insomnia, the condition affects the individual in the short term, with symptoms taking place for a few weeks. With the chronic form of insomnia, individuals are affected for months and even years.

Causes of Insomnia

There are several causes that can lead to insomnia as both physical and psychological aspects play a role. Commonly, insomnia can be triggered by disruptions in your sleep such as jet lob, a shift change without your job, environmental noise, etc. Psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. can also lead to insomnia. Medical conditions, hormones and other factors such as a snoring partner can lead to insomnia.


The symptoms of insomnia can indicate as to which type you have. By being diagnosed, treatment can be determined. The following are common symptoms found in insomnia patients:

  • Trouble falling asleep at night

  • Waking up during the nighttime hours

  • Waking up earlier than you would like to
  • Feeling tired despite sleeping for an extended period of time

  • Fatigue or feeling sleepy in the daytime

  • Anxiety, depression or being irritable

  • Hard to focus or concentrate

  • Tension headaches

These are just a few of the symptoms that individuals who have insomnia will have. Once a physician has determined if you have insomnia, treatment can then take place. There is a range of treatment options on offer as every patient is different. Some patients respond well to relaxation techniques such as meditation while others will respond to cognitive therapy or improving sleep hygiene, by adding in exercise and creating a regular sleep schedule.

Alternative methods can also be used. Soundbed therapy is one option to consider. With soundbed therapy, the patient is placed into a deep state of relaxation, helping to relieve the negative components of stress. This treatment has been known to assist with insomnia, tension headaches, stress and more.

Trying a variety of treatments will help you find the right option for your sleep needs, helping you to rest better and avoid the aftereffects of not sleeping soundly.

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