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Drugs do not cure you, they only alleviate symptoms

In order for this method to work for you, it is important to understand not only how the process works, but to let go of any pre-conceived notions of how medicine should work.

Treating The Underlying Illness

It’s an uncommon, but simple principle: drugs do not usually cure the illness, they only cover up its symptoms. These days, drugs are prescribed for every condition or ailment. They are meant to make you feel better, not restore your overall health. We believe in simplicity. Address the underlying causes of the illness and reduce or eliminate the body’s reliance on expensive medications.

Here Are Our Steps

The “Band Aid” quick-fix has no real restorative properties when it comes to healing.

From the moment you enter ACBM, our team makes a commitment to restore your health back to its full potential.
After your initial consultation, we identify any disfunction in the biological processes of the body, using methods that range from traditional to state-of-the-art technological diagnostic tests.
Your first week’s treatment focuses on detoxifying and purging the body of chemicals, drugs, and other impurities. This is one of the most important aspects of the healing process.
We study all areas of the human body and condition. Biological medicine demands the integration of a wide variety of healing arts.

The Biological Medicine practice at ACBM is not a ‘new age’ philosophy; our methods have been used and refined for thousands of years by some of medicine’s greatest masters.

The healing process grows with you as adjustments are made according to what each biological system needs. Nutrition and supplementation are the building blocks that the body needs to regulate in order to make complete recovery.
Healing is a journey and not just a destination. Turning to biological medicine is life changing.

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