Where Medicine Meets Performance

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The American Center for Biological Medicine, founded by Dr. Jeoffrey Drobot, is the US's premier destination for optimizing Personalized Health Performance and home to the world's most advanced Biological Medical and biohacking technologies today. With over 6700 square feet of state of the art biological medical therapies, our goal is to RESTORE, REVITALIZE and OPTIMIZE our patient's ANTI-AGING quotient and quality of life.

ACBM is an internationally recognized health collective that helps people from all walks of life realize their highest potential for health optimization.

Where Medicine Meets Performance

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At ACBM we always offer data-driven, world-class, personalized care to all of our patients. We believe everyone possesses the ability to heal and thrive—ACBM is committed to taking this journey with all of our patients. To achieve this goal, we study what your body is trying to accomplish through the symptoms you’re experiencing. With this understanding, our ACBM team of experts creates personalized healing plans to bring your health to balance.

With the goal of maximizing whole person cellular health in today’s modern world, our health collective offers the widest range of biological medical services under one roof from care for chronic health concerns, helping elite athletes heal and perform at their highest potential, helping healthier people get healthier to transforming corporate warriors into peak performers.

The ACBM Difference

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ACBM strives to stay ahead of the curve—our team of experts is continually advancing our knowledge, research and education in the field of biological medicine to deliver you the most advanced information, technology and techniques available today.

Dr. Drobot and our collective of services offer hope and health solutions for those experiencing chronic illness. We look forward to you becoming a part of the ACBM family soon!