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The BioMed Center was inspired by the European biological medicine model to promote restorative healing through nature. We are guided by our core belief in the power of the body to heal itself. Using our innovative technologies and unique comprehensive assessments, our goal is to help you achieve optimal performance and reawaken your healthiest self so that you can live the life you deserve. We’re here to guide you every step of the way toward the transformative results you’re looking for.

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Your comprehensive wellness center in New England.

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Scottsdale, AZ

Your destination wellness retreat in the Southwest.

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Our Values

Our approach to alternative health is inspired by the European Biological Medicine model, paired with our modern, technology-backed tools. The result is an evidence-based, natural approach to healthcare that you can feel good about.

Personalized Approach

Unlike much of traditional healthcare, we don’t give quick-fix prescriptions that just address a symptom. Patients at the BioMed Center start with a comprehensive initial diagnostic appointment in order to determine a personalized, bioenergetic treatment plan based on your body’s unique needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The best results occur when our modern tools are paired with your body’s innate abilities for self-healing. Much like a cast provides the proper, stable environment for your body to do the work of healing a broken bone, our state-of-the-art technology provides the environment your body needs to regenerate and heal itself. From our Vitality IV drips to BioEnergetics therapies, our tools are designed to enhance biological performance.

Lasting Transformation

We believe good health is a practice to permanently embed into our daily lives—rather than a temporary activity to be checked off a “to-do” list. By making it a long-term habit to prioritize your body, you can address specific concerns, existing chronic illnesses, and also begin your journey around preventing future disease.

Well Rooted Dentistry

A team of integrated dentists, Well Rooted Dentistry aims to provide modern, unparalleled dental care in a comfortable environment. Our philosophy is different from most dentists – because we view oral health as a component of a healthy body, we’re dedicated to solving the issue at its source. We also use metal-free, biocompatible materials.

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Our Partners

Meet our team of experts

Our holistic providers are proud to take a personalized, evidence-based, and patient-first approach to their work.

Dr. Dickson Thom


Dr. Marlane Bassett


Dr. Jeoff Drobot

ExPhys, NMD

Lauren Slater

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Mohamed Elhamamsy


Hannah Lucas

BSN- RN (Registered Nurse)

Anthony Spardello

RNHN-BC (Registered Nurse Holistic Nurse)

Ashlyn Barry

Chief Dental Assistant

Maria Amaral

Laboratory Specialist

Richard Heacock

Chief Administrator Scottsdale

Payton Ringoen


Lisa Morales

Scottsdale Office Manager

Hailey Swingle

Detox Coordinator


Registered Nurse

Delilah Wheland

Patient Advocate


Patient Administrator

What our clients are saying

“I have always placed a high value on my health. Having a chronic autoimmune disease can make a person feel extremely stressed and overwhelmed, which is why I decided years ago to put all my efforts into healing versus managing a disease. I have had the opportunity of living on both coasts and there is nothing out there like Biomed. Dr. Drobot & Lauren have innate knowledge and wisdom that helps them design complete healing protocols. The therapies and their advanced way of thinking coincides with my personal belief that the body is designed to heal. Your body wants to be healthy. If this is your belief, or want it to be, then Biomed is where you need to start.”

“After seeing a photo of Dr. E. with a kiddo in his chair I decided to move my family’s dental care to Well Rooted. My husband always experienced anxiety going to the dentist, but after visiting Dr. E. he’s feeling confident that he can have his mercury fillings removed. Thankful we discovered Dr. E. here on Instagram!”

"I return to the center over and over because my energy is restored and I'm seen for who I am, not the name of a disease. If there's one place in the world I can count on to keep me feeling young and vital, it's here!"

”I have been a devotee of Biological Medicine for almost 25 years, so when the BioMed Center opened in 2018, it was a chance to continue my medical care with the latest therapies and state-of-the-art technology that sets Biological Medicine apart from standard allopathic procedures! Everyone, whether trying to cure an illness or just trying to stay healthy, will benefit from what the center offers—it is so worth an initial visit, and I guarantee you won’t be able to resist a return to experience all that it has to offer!”

"For the first time in my life someone not only listened to me, but really heard my story. Dr. Bassett asks key questions about women's health that I didn't even realize were important until I met with her. I feel inspired and confident that I'm not what my lab numbers say, but that I'm a person who can heal her body from illness to greater health."

“The body, mind and mouth are all connected and guess what, Well Rooted and Biomed are the best kept secret everyone should know about—all under one roof! I love that my doctor works with the dental team to help heal my gut at the root cause!”

“After dealing with a chronic autoimmune disease for 15 years I was in so much pain I decided to take the advice of a friend who said I should see a Biological dentist. I came to Biomed to see the Well Rooted dentists and my life forever changed to one of healing from my disease. Now I visit the Biomed Center to prevent disease free from being pressured into risky procedures or therapies!"

​​“Who would have thought that balancing hormones would get me back to teaching yoga?! Dr. Drobot combined his expertise in performance medicine with getting my hormones in check. Since working him I was able to return to teaching yoga. As a bonus, my lifelong anxiety also improved and my thyroid issue after years of treatment is finally healing.”

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Thom for three years. I’ve worked away from a diagnosis and toward taking ownership of my health at the preventive level. I see Dr. Thom monthly to keep up on my assessments, but between my meetings I visit the center regularly to take advantage of preventive bioenergetic therapies the staff delivers with care!”

“I’m here to dispel the myth that IVs are only to treat illness. Once a month I visit Vitality IV in the BioMed Center to receive a nutrient IV that’s formulated for my personal health goals. IVs are my immune system insurance—I never miss my monthly ritual!”

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