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Biological Medical Treatment

The American Center for Biological Medicine (ACBM) is the largest and most complete Biological Medical treatment and training facility outside of Europe. We provide our patients with first-class diagnosis, treatment, education, and service. We pride ourselves on treating people, not diseases, and we recognize that every individual’s health concerns are unique and important. Our aspirations are to not only treat you but to keep you in a lifelong relationship with a club-like mentality that has catapulted our popularity and reputation.

Biological Medicine in America

Biological Medicine has many North American practitioners who have been trained in the discipline’s core principles but lack immediate access to all of the available Biological Medicine testing and treatment machines. It takes a clinic with a steady flow of clients to cover the cost of the assessment and treatment machines. Doctors are limited to in-office testing and their experience to assess and diagnose. ACBM is the only North American clinic that has a full array of equipment. Because of our higher client volume, our doctors also have more experience in treating chronic illnesses.

The Healing Biological Process

Our program is based on a simple philosophy: If we correct the biological processes within your body and get them running efficiently, the body will heal itself. In order for this method to work for you, it is important that you understand not only how the process works, but that you let go of any pre-conceived notions of how medicine works.

Drugs do not cure & there is no quick fix

Modern society is looking for a quick and easy way to relieve illness, pain, and discomfort. This is quite understandable as no one ever wants to prolong their suffering. So many who are suffering go in search for medications to alleviate the symptoms that the body manifests when it is in a state of DIS-EASE. The misconception is that there is no quick fix. If there is the possibility of a medication lessening one’s symptoms, it is very often short lived and is responsible for a domino effect of other systems having to process the medication, most likely causing other unpleasant symptoms or future problems.

“Bandaid” Quick Fix Medicine has No Real Restorative Properties

This is a hard concept for people to understand, especially since drugs are prescribed for every condition and ailment nowadays. But their purpose is to make you feel better, not restore your overall health. If you do not address the underlying causes of your illness, you could possibly spend your life dependent upon expensive medications, not to mention the expense of putting your body through even more strain and stress. With this said, it has been proven time and time again that a “band-aid” quick fix has no real restorative properties when it comes to healing.

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